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Food & Agriculture Nov, 2021

Don’t Table Food Waste in Climate Conversations!

After dinner, it’s easy to scrape your last few bites into the trash can without a second thought. Although those scraps may seem insignificant, your food waste, plus the food wasted at the pre-consumer stages of the food supply chain, add up: each year, about one-third of the global food production is lost or wasted.

Student Experience at COP Sep, 2021


An Emory team of young climate activists breaking new ground in the widening world of podcasting

Climate Policy Jul, 2021

Carbon neutral?

Have you ever taken one of those quizzes like the one on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website to compare your carbon footprint to that of the rest of the world? Maybe your lifestyle is relatively eco-friendly: you could be vegan, riding your bike to work every day, and recycling all of your plastics. Yet there you are, staring at your results on the screen, wondering why your carbon footprint is still so high. The truth is, it’s nearly impossible to live an absolutely carbon neutral life when we literally exhale carbon dioxide with every breath we take.

Student Experience at COP Apr, 2021

From Summer Camp to the Sorites Paradox

Are you familiar with the Sorites paradox? You probably are – you just may not realize it. The name isn’t quite mainstream, but the concept is commonly referenced. This paradox poses the question that if a heap of something is reduced by a single grain at a time, at which point does it cease to qualify as a heap? 

Climate Justice Apr, 2021

Promising Environmental Justice Legislation in 2021

As we look forward to Georgia’s 2022 legislative session, it is critical to prioritize action on environmental justice. Low-income residents and people of color in Georgia already experience disproportionately the effects of pollution, climate change, and energy burden, demanding our efforts.