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Water Dec, 2023

The Ocean is a Climate Casualty and Key Solution

The ocean naturally traps excess heat and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. With climate change imperiling the marine system, UN climate policy needs to incorporate ocean-related solutions.
Climate Justice Aug, 2023

Youth Power on Climate: Beyond Tokenism

Youth have faced a number of challenges that have limited their involvement in climate discussions such as lack of funding and inclusion in negotiations, inadequate climate education and capacity building, VISA restrictions, and linguistic barriers.

Climate Justice Jul, 2023

Restoring Earth through Science and Songs

Dana Kahn 23C, 25G, finds creative inspiration for many of her songs through hearing different stories from climate leaders. Last March, she traveled to New York for the Ceres Global Conference, a three-day business forum of business people, politicians, and social leaders promoting a collective and sustainable course for the economy.