Climate Talks Blog

Student Experience at COP Aug, 2022

Renewed Inspiration at Bonn Climate Conference

Eleanor Partington, 22C, found renewed inspiration at the Bonn Climate Conference. Her takeaway from Bonn: familiarize yourself with climate basics but don’t get bogged down with UN terminology or technicalities.

Food & Agriculture Jun, 2022

Climate Solutions Help Farmers and Livestock—and Taste Good Too

The nationally recognized White Oak Pastures represents an alternative vision of farming that focuses on enhancing soil and ecosystem health, reducing the impact of climate change, and correcting the harm of industrial agriculture. Jordan Hasty 20Ox, 23C, spent a week at White Oak Pastures with the Center for Agricultural Resilience in March 2022.

Climate Policy Mar, 2022

President Fenves, We’re Still Waiting on Climate Action.

Emory student activists are stepping up to hold the university accountable on climate change. However, this global catastrophe is too complex and deeply rooted for students to make gains on our own. We need buy-in and collaboration from Emory’s decision-makers.

Climate Science Jan, 2022

Corals VS. Climate Change

Despite only taking up about 2% of our ocean’s surface area, coral reefs provide shelter to up to a quarter of all marine species. The biodiversity that arises from these ecosystems is breathtaking. Unfortunately, factors such as climate change are driving these animals to extinction.