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Emory Climate Talks

Engaging Emory students and faculty, along with the community, on essential issues of climate change with a special emphasis on the work of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

The Essentials of Emory Climate Talks

Emory Climate Talks was born out of student experiences at the UNFCCC yearly Conference of Parties (COP). It has expanded to include a number of other voices in the climate change movement. From students involved in writing policy memos, to a podcast series featuring those whose voices may not always have the platform they deserve, to a conversations series welcoming diverse actors in the climate change movement, Emory Climate Talks is a place to welcome in those from the university and those from the community. Together we hope to advance the movement and create solutions to one of the most pressing issues of today.

Emory Students of the COP

COP Student Delegations

Since 2015, Emory students have attended the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP). From Paris to Marrakech, Emory students have participated and been witness to these essential negotiations. Students are not simply passive observers, they take part in presenting their own research through side events at the conference.

Contributions from students

Communicating Climate

Critical thinking about issues of climate, in particular the intersection of climate science and climate policy, is an essential skill that students learn as part of the broader mission of Emory Climate Talks. Through coursework or real-life experience, students gain experience in presenting climate policy through different mediums. Examples of policy memos, videos and papers that clearly and concisely state the issues, foster understanding and accessibilty to those who may be unfamiliar with the issues.

Connecting to the community with opportunities and resources

Outreach and Resources

Through the Emory Climate Talks conversation series and blogs, we hope to create meaningful opportunities to engage the greater Emory community on the important issues of climate change. Issues of climate justice are at the forefront of our community engagement efforts. Welcoming important voices in the climate change movement is part of the essential work being done through Emory Climate Talks.

Emory Organizations

Emory students and alumni invested in the work of climate change have a number of opportunities to engage on campus through organizations. 

Official COP26 Emory Exhibit Video

Get Involved with Emory Climate Talks

Emory Climate Talks is a place where students find creative and engaged opportunities to collaborate across platforms. Whether it is attenging the UNFCCC COP negotiations, contributing to the AmpliFIRE podcast or writing for the Emory Climate Talks blog, students are invited to join Emory Climate Talks in driving the conversation, research and scholarship around efforts to address climate change.

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The COP 24 Conference was as inspiring as it was frustrating. With each press conference I attended, information booth I studied, or conversation I shared, I became informed of a new climate change repercussion that deserved immediate attention. Even with the necessity for action, the conference ended with a weak resolution, which offered no significant strategies for addressing climate change. The lack of progress made at the COP 24 Conference galvanized me. My experience solidified my decision to pursue a career in environmental law and eventually influence climate policy.

Paris Wagner 19C

The opportunity to go to COP25 as part of Emory’s delegation has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. As a student who aspires to work with climate migration and human rights, the ability to speak to indigenous leaders, university professors, and country leaders was integral to my knowledge and decision to continue pursuing climate-related human rights issues in my career. There are so few spaces where indigenous and female voices are given a platform, and being in the room where oppressed voices were heard was both empowering and educational. Despite the failure to negotiate Article 6, progress was made elsewhere at COP25-mainly in the spaces where youth, women, and native leaders gathered to build coalitions.

Tara Djukanovic 21C
COP Experience

Emory Students of the COP

The Emory student experience at the UNFCCC annual Conference of Parties (COP) is the foundation of Emory Climate Talks. The annual conferences offer students an opportunity to witness the negotiations and engage with the issues of climate change in the real world and in real time.

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