Learning and Listening


Conversations and Connections

Emory Climate Talks connects diverse voices and experts in the climate change movement within and beyond the Emory community.


Engaging an array of climate experts across disciplines and expertise and representing the diversity of perspectives in the climate change movement. Join Emory Climate Talks for conversations with climate scientists and policy makers, climate entrepreneurs and authorities in the climate justice movement.


Capturing the voices of those that work within and those that are affected by climate change.

Emory Climate Talks is a student-centered initiative creating opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to become the agents of change in the climate change movement. Higher education, in particular, brings an essential voice to efforts on climate change and we have been proud to support bringing students between 2015 and 2019 to the UN climate talks. Emory Climate Talks is eager to keep important conversations going about the human impact on climate. We hope that the influential voices in environmental sciences will continue to foster the momentum necessary to create solutions to address the climate crisis. In addition to the conversation series, a committed group of alumni and current students also work on the podcast series AmpliFIRE: Raising voices against rising temperatures.