Amplifire Raising Voices Against Rising Temperatures

About this Podcast

We're a group of Emory University students, alumni, and faculty passionate about bringing people together around the current climate crisis. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and we began working and studying from home, we wondered how we could accelerate climate action by providing accessible information amplifying diverse voices and highlighting the intersections of environmental issues.

So we started a podcast in which we speak to climate experts from diverse fields and backgrounds on a range of climate topics in our first two seasons. We've discussed a host of topics including climate policy the science behind climate change mitigation techniques and environmental racism, all while providing our listeners with action points so they are empowered to aid in the fight against climate change.

Featured Episodes

Humans of COP26
Recorded from Glasgow, Scotland (and Atlanta, Georgia), Tyler Stern and Emaline Laney capture a glimpse of youth voices leading climate action from around the globe during the first week of COP26.
36 min


Eri Saikawa, PhD
Eri Saikawa, PhD
Director of Emory Climate Talks & Faculty Advisor
Katelyn Boisvert
Katelyn Boisvert 20C
AmpliFIRE Co-Producer and COP25 Alumna
Halle Bradshaw
Halle Bradshaw 18C, 19G
AmpliFIRE Co-Producer and COP24 Alumnna
Lauren Balotin
Lauren Balotin 19C
Amplifire Co-Producer and COP23 & COP24 Alumna
Tyler Stern
Tyler Stern 16C
AmpliFIRE Co-Producer and COP22 Alumnus